Mutual Curiosity

Join us for our monthly “Mutual Curiosity” series. These events will have a blended format, so you can hear from a compelling speaker on an interfaith topic, ask them some questions, and share discussion with diverse friends from across the Jacksonville community.

Interfaith Center NorthEast Florida | Building of mutual understanding among diverse faiths

Your donations are used to fund our future programs. As a small nonprofit we rely on generous donors to continue our activities. By supporting our events you support the promotion of interfaith dialogue and diversity in local communities.

our working process in 3 steps

We believe in the power of personal interaction and communicative dialogue as they are the best channels to build mutual understanding, trust, and harmony for a peaceful world.



Seeking and creating

opportunities for dialogue between individuals and communities.

Approach with realistic optimism

to build a better future for tomorrow

Offering solutions

through dialogue and education as well as organizing cultural activities and humanitarian works.