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yvette velasco funeralStatement On San Bernardino Shooting

We, as the Atlantic Instutite, strongly condemn the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. We stand united with the people around the world in mourning the loss of innocent lives and offering our deepest condolences to the families.

We will honor the victims by strengthening our commitment to peace, tolerance and mutual respect.



(Atlanta, GA - 12/10/2015) - The Atlantic Institute and its regional affiliates condemn the terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino that has left so many innocent people dead and many more injured. The murder of civilians is immoral, barbaric, and in direct contravention of the major tenets of Islam. No grievance ever justifies such heinous, no cause is ever served by such actions and no grievance will ever get heard as a result of such actions. Vast majority of human beings, no matter what their religion or nationality, will always reject such wanton violence.

Islam recognizes that all life is sacred and anyone who takes the life of any innocent person is akin to killing all of humanity. The actions of groups or individuals engaged in acts of terror do not represent the faith or actions of the overwhelming majority of Muslims worldwide. A recent Gallup poll showed that 89 percent of Muslim Americans reject violent individual attacks on civilians as compared to 71 percent of Christians and 75 percent of Jews. Muslims are the least likely to justify attacks on civilians.

The dreadful acts of mass shootings, bombings, beheadings, etc. will never be condoned and will always be strongly deplored.

Terrorism is designed to strike fear in the hearts of people. Following Paris and San Bernardino, fear has gripped much of American society. It is useful to be reminded that the actions of any individual do not reflect upon others who happen to share that person's faith or nationality or race. ISIS commits its action claiming to act in the name of Islam. However, an examination of the basic tenants of Islam and its practice by vast majority of 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide shows that ISIS ideology and actions are outside the mainstream teachings of Islam.

We appeal to all of our fellow Americans of conscience to avoid stereotyping Muslims and stand steadfast against those voices who aim to spread fear and divisiveness. We unequivocally denounce ISIS and similar groups who are engaged in any form of terrorism. We condemn their murderous ideology and their brutal tactics. ISIS wants to divide the world between Muslims and non-Muslims. We want to stay united in the fellowship of our common humanity.

Atlantic Institute is a non-profit organization headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia whose goal is to facilitate dialogue and bridge cultures around the globe. Through a wide range of activities that bring local community members from various ethnic and religious backgrounds, we seek to proactively contribute to educational, cultural, social, and humanitarian issues in our community. We believe in the power of personal interaction and communicative dialogue as they are the best channels to build mutual understanding, trust, and harmony for a peaceful world.


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