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The volunteers and members of Atlantic Institute want to put "the American Dream" into practice as in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: "The American Dream, the dream of men of all races, creeds, national backgrounds, living together as brothers." Volunteers and members of Atlantic Institute pursue happiness in the happiness of others through volunteerism and philanthropy. Atlantic Institute members and volunteers have been working diligently to fulfill the above mentioned principles


 Participate in Lent with the Greek Orthodox Church

Friends of Atlantic Institute of Jacksonville are invited to attend and experience a Greek Orthodox service for Lent, at St John the Devine on March 21. Would you like to learn more about the Orthodox church and Lent, the similarities and difference with other Christian Lent celebrations. The service will start at 5pm for 1 hour, followed by a vegetarian meal with members of the congregation. After dinner Father Nick Louh will provide us with instruction and information about the service and rituals for Lent.

When: March 21 2018

Time: 5 - 8pm - Service, dinner and dialogue

Where: 3850 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville

If you would like to attend please RSVP by Monday 19th. There is no costs for this event however numbers are appreciated for catering.